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What is the Tariff?

The Tariff sets out the duties and measures affecting the import, export and transit of goods to and from the UK. The UK Tariff consolidates UK specific data with the EU TARIC data.

What does it contain?

  • Volume 1 - essential information including duty relief schemes, contact addresses and explanations of subjects such as Excise duty and Tariff quotas

  • Volume 2 - schedule of duty rates and trade statistical descriptions on 16,600 Commodity codes

  • Volume 3 - guidance on Customs Freight Procedures

Who needs it?

The Tariff provides essential information for importers and exporters, freight forwarders, customs officers, customs brokers, lawyers, distributors, accountants, government employees, auditors and consultants to keep up to date with changes in commodity codes, rates of duty and regulations.

In what formats is it available?

The Tariff is available on subscription in the following formats, all updated monthly:

  • Online - searchable online service with 'stop press' notices posted immediately

  • Printed - 3 loose-leaf binders

  • CD-ROM - portable, searchable CD-ROM

  • E-Tariff - data feed in ASCII format